Swabian Potato Restaurant

Next to the Guesthouse Adler, nine other country inns in the surrounding area belong to the group of Swabian Potato Restaurant. In 2002, the Swabian Potato Tour was founded and granted the Bavarian award for innovation. The innovative combination of cycling and culinary highlights along the way is fun for both the young and the young at heart. In this regard, the Swabian Potato Tour, stretching across 240 km, is unique in Germany. You can cycle on the route from host to host, stop for a bite to eat and stay the night. At each country inn, you can try a lot of new potato dishes and get interesting facts about the potato.

Enjoy the magnificent countryside along the Potato Tour and tasty local delicacies by our excellent cuisine. We got awarded gold repeatedly and excluded competition in the Bavarian contest several times.

Friday is Potato day

The potatoes we use for preparing either spicy dishes or light delicacies come from our local fields. Changing our menu regularly, we are trying to make you familiar with the wide variety of recipes featuring the potato. Each Friday during winter everything is focused on the potato. For this purpose, we also offer a separate menu. As a member of the Swabian Potato Tour we are looking forward to introduce you to a unique experience in our region.

Potato recepis

Potato Cookbook

You can purchase your very own cookbook with potato recipes (Edt. 1 & 2) for € 4,00 each at our reception desk or online.