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Wappen Familie Hiller


In 1928, the former farmhouse in Ziemetshausen was taken over by the grandfather of Willi Hiller who named it “Zum Wirtle”.  It was later changed into “Guesthouse Adler”. When the agricultural holding was passed to the parents of Willi Hiller in 1946, first changes were made, giving shape to the new “Adler”.

Back then, in 1946, the parents of Willi Hiller started to renovate the building. In 1956, the first guestrooms were established and preparations were made to offer regular all-day dining. Since the farmhouse was taken over by Willi and Marianne Hiller in 1976, they are trying to maintain the tradition. During various refurbishments and further developments, the former cowshed and the “Tenne” were being redesigned into a neat hall taking 80 people, and modern guestrooms. “Being modern and preserving tradition even so” has always been the philosophy of Willi and Marianne Hiller.

Today, the fourth generation has already been fully established in the Guesthouse Adler Ziemetshausen. The daughter Katrin Hiller has completed her apprenticeship as chef in Bad Grönebach. When working at the “Hotel Königshof” in Munich, she met her housband Jan Hiller.

Both got employed at the “Wine Restaurant Neuner” and in Großhesselohe, followed by a job at the French restaurant “Das Angele” in Napa Valley, California, which is regarded as the most beautiful wine-growing district in the U.S. By the time they changed to the hotel “Le Meridien” in Vienna, Katrin switched to the service area. Reaching the end of her trainee years, Katrin started a two-year study programme as certified Master in Hotel Management at the School of Hotel Management in Berlin.

Jan Hiller originally made an apprenticeship as butcher and then trained as chef at the famous “Hotel Adlon Berlin”, under executive chef Karl Heinz Hauser. For some time, he stayed at the gourmet restaurant “Lorenz Adlon”. After that, he moved to Palm Beach, Florida, to work at “The Breakers”, one of the most renowned East Coast hotels.

From the time they met at the “Königshof”, Katrin and Jan started their common journey. During Katrin’s studies at the School of Hotel Management, Jan was working at the restaurant “Rauchfang” on the German resort island Sylt for two summer seasons, at the catering company “Kofler & Kompanie” in Berlin and as executive chef at the restaurant “Friedrichs”.

In the foreseeable future, both want to carry on the family tradition of Willi and Marianne Hiller and are planning to continue the parental country inn with new ideas.

In memory of Sepp Frieder and Hyazinth Wäckerle, two of our dining rooms are named after them, the “Hyazinth-Wäckerle-Stube” and the “Sepp-Frieder-Stube”.

  • Hyazinth Wäckerle, born in Ziemetshausen on the 16th of May 1836 and deceased on the 2nd of February 1896. Author of the famous folk song „Hei! grüeß die Gott Ländle …“ and numerous dialect poems.
  • Sepp Frieder, born in Ettenbeuren and brought up in Ziemetshausen, lived in Munich since 1950 and died there in 2001. He was awarded innumerable academic prizes. Eight of the artist’s tableaux can be looked at in our guesthouse.