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Turncable Thannhausen

turncable thannhausen

„Make water burn“ ... Turncable Thannhausen

One of the most popular wakeboard and water ski parks in Southern Germany. The Turncable Thannhausen southwest of Augsburg has become a favourite meeting place for local, national and international visitors. The Cable has been planned and built within a very short time. It's amazing what you can make out of an old quarry pond...and both managing directors Roy & Blacky attach great importance to preserving the beach and quarry pond feeling.

The Turncable has 3 lifts available. 2 lifts with parallel runway „goofy“ & „regular“ and one at low velocity for beginners. Various obstacles ensure that you are having a fun and exciting time. All who don't get their money's worth here can have a relaxing time at the beach as well.

You can also stay overnight at the Cable or at our Guesthouse Adler · Hotel · Restaurant · Catering Ziemetshausen.

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