Maria Vesperbild

Swabia's biggest centre of classic popular piety in Maria Vesperbild near Ziemetshausen

The Bavarian-Swabian place of pilgrimage attracts half a million pilgrims every half a year. Maria Vesperbild is just a 15 min walk away from the Guesthouse Adler · Hotel · Restaurant. Aside the larger events of pilgrimage, the churchgoers also come to see the baroque church of pilgrimage which is filled to capacity every Sunday. In 1754 the present church of pilgrimage in Maria Vesperbild was built. Prelate Dr. Wilhelm Imkamp is the current manager of pilgrimage affairs.

Torchlight procession in Maria Vesperbild on Assumption Day

On the 15th of August, Swabia's biggest torchlight procession takes place in Maria Vesperbild. At 7pm the manager of pilgrimage affairs, Prelate Dr. Wilhelm Impkamp invites you to join a pontifical service. Afterwards, thousands of pilgrims walk in a torchlight procession on the Way of the Cross to the grot of Maria and the grot of Fatima. There you can also find the beautiful carpet of roses.

Wallfahrtsdirektion Maria Vesperbild, 86473 Ziemetshausen, Tel.: 08284 - 8038

Church service in Maria Vesperbild

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