Potato Tour

Swabian Potato Tour – Guesthouse Adler Ziemetshausen

Schwäbische KartoffeltourThe „Schwäbische Kartoffel-Radl-Tour“ is a roundtrip of a length of approx. 230 km. It was created by the union of several hosts of different districts and got awarded the Bavarian prize for innovation due to its uniqueness throughout Germany. Every host offers overnight accommodation and has, in his own manner, integrated the potato in various dishes on the menu. At the Guesthouse Adler Ziemetshausen, you can enjoy a great variety of potato dishes the whole year. On Fridays during winter we even offer a separate menu with potato dishes.

The reason for creating the Potato Tour

...was to introduce you to our charming home country. Now also available as GPS download! You can do the tour alone, with friends or in a group of at least 10 people, guided by the tour guide Peter Voh. Whether you want to go the whole way or whether you want to experience just single stages – you will again and again get new interesting impressions of Bavarian Swabia.

GPS data 

You can download the GPS data of the Potato Tour here: » Swabian Potato Tour or find the location on Google Maps. The Google Maps data can also be loaded on some GPS devices.

More information on the Swabian Potato Tour website or at your Swabian Potato Restaurant.