Come and have a look at our kitchen... There is nothing nicer than knowing your suppliers in person. Suppliers who attend to their foods with the same devotion we show when preparing our dishes. In this way, we can be sure that all our products will always be of high quality.



The asparagus from Schrobenhausen, the largest and most renowned growing area in Bavaria, has a rich nutty flavor. The season goes from mid-April to the 24th of June. Due to the sandy soil, there are optimal growth conditions for the vegetable.

Private Brewery Usterbach

The Usterbach Brewery – a Bavarian-Swabian private brewery with 400 years of experience, located in the heart of the Nature Park Augsburg Western Woods. According to the purity law in 1516, all raw materials go through an ambitious selection process. Furthermore, the Usterbach beers are being brewed on modern environmentally-friendly plants and awarded regularly.

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Bakery Simnacher, Ziemetshausen

We obtain our bread and pastries from the bakery Simnacher.

Potato Farmers

Martin Miller, Hirschfelden (Krumbach)
Josef Beutelrock, Haberskirch (Friedberg)


Butcher's Shop Eugen Wurm, Ziemetshausen

This butcher's shop ensures quality by in-house production and by obtaining all its animals from surrounding farmers.


Trout Farm Rothal

The Rothal trout farm and smokehouse is located in the Nature Park Augsburg Western Woods. It is a small family-run business specialized in the processing of living salmon-like freshwater fish.

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